Batalha (Relógio da Regulatora)

Produto n.º: AD118
Preço (sem IVA): 487,81 €
Preço (com IVA): 600,00 €

Fábrica Nacional de Relógios, Reguladora, S. A. or simply Reguladora is a watch and clock manufacturing company, based in FamalicãoPortugal. Founded in 1892, Reguladora is the oldest watch manufacturing company in the Iberian Peninsula.

Reguladora produces four ranges of watches: column clocks, table clocks, wall clocks and wristwatches (including pocket watches).


Reguladora was founded in 1892 in Famalicão, by José Gomes Carvalho.

Beginning production with mechanical wall and table clocks, Reguladora expanded its range of products in the 1950s, with column clocks and alarm clocks.

After having been closed, the company was purchased by its employees, returning to the production.

Presently, Reguladora produces electronic watches and clocks, both for domestic and industrial application.


Reguladora produces the following products:

  1. Column clocks models: Atenas, Camberra, Monaco and Santa Comba.
  2. Table clocks models: Batalha, Batalha Flores, Batalha Romano, Évora, Fátima, Floral, Funchal, Leiria, Mini Batalha Mecânico, Polo, Mini Batalha, Mini Sintra, Tomar, Viena Romano and Vigo.
  3. Wall clocks models: BR6, Bragança, Cascais, Cavalinho, Coimbra, COP326, COP327, COP328, COP329, COP330, Corunha, CP26, Douro Carrilhão, Estoril, Gótico, Madrid Árabe, Madrid Romano, Mindelo, Óbidos, Oito, Olso Árabe, Oslo Romano, Paris, QR3355 and QR3356.
  4. Wristwatches models: Turbilhão 8C2022, 4422CH, 8C2031, 4415, 8C2048, 8C2023A, 8C2040, 8C2041, 8C2021, 8C2140, 8C2043, 8C2039, 8C301B, 8C224, 8C186 Preto, 8C186 Branco, 8C242, 91916, 8C243, 90216 and T01482 (pocket watch).[5]


Fine Art Gallery


With registered offices at Rua de Gil Vicente 86-A – Coimbra, Portugal, Albuquerque e Lima is a limited company, registered with Coimbra Register of Companies.


 With a share capital of 15,500 Euros, its interests lie in the fields of Human Health and Art. With regard to Art, its corporate purpose consists in the promotion, sale and dissemination of artworks in the fields of painting, sculpture and design. With regard to Health, its corporate purpose is the pursuit of activities in the field of human medicine.


Within the field of Medicine, the company has interests in Forensic Traumatology, Orthopedics and Assessment of Bodily Injury. Its medical activities take place at Rua de Tomar, nº 2 - Coimbra, Portugal (Medical/Legal Expert Report Centre).


 The company’s Art Gallery, located at Rua de Gil Vicente 86-A – Coimbra, Portugal, is the venue for most of Albuquerque e Lima’s art-related activities. 

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